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Jul 28, 2011 6:00am PDT
. the family members want to talk about allegations of journalists working for britain's news corp. tried to get access of the phone records of the september 11 victims. lawyers representing 20 of the family members say they hope the hacking allegations are not true but they want a thorough investigation. >>> angry parents in the sacramento area plan to pack the city council in citrus heights tonight. they want to show support of robert adams. he's accused of molestic several young students but he has not been charged of a crime. >>> sal says there's a new crash in san jose. where did that happen? >> 680 southbound at mckee. this road is partially blocked with this injury crash. but we're getting some good news. apparently they were able to clear it from the lanes rather quickly and there are only minor injuries. nevertheless you will see it at mckee road. if you are driving on the peninsula getting to the south bay, so far so good on 101 and 280 as far as not that many lanes of obstruction across the bay. 880 looks good. again if you're driving into oakland toward the bay bridge toll pla
Jul 8, 2011 6:00am PDT
fallout from that hacking scandal in britain. this morning two former news of the world editors were arrested. one of the editors is the former communication chief to prime minister david cameron. both of the editors are tied to accusations that news of the world hacked the phones of celebrity murder victims and even the royal family. as we are speaking now police are searching the newsroom of a second tabloid in the uk. rupert announced yesterday that news of the world will end its publications this weekend after 168 years in business. >>> later today prince william and his new bride will arrive at lax for the california portion of their north american tour. they will be greeted by governor brown and his wife ann. crews at the santa barbara polo club spent yesterday setting up the vip tent for a saturday luncheon. prince william will take part in a charity polo match. >> it's obviously been around for awhile. i think the interest has definitely peaked with duke playing polo this year. i think there will be a lot of polo fans here and royal watchers. >> i think so. they toured a hosp
Jul 15, 2011 6:00am PDT
in newspapers all across britain. >>> this just in. more than 30 nations including the united states have decided to formerly recognize libya's main opposition group as the country's legitimate government. secretary of state hillary clinton is representing the united states at talks in turkey. in a statement today they declared moammar gadhafi has no legitimate authority in libya. diplomatic recognition of the opposition means the u.s. will be able to fund the rebels with some of the more than $30 billion in gadhafi regime assets that are frozen in american banks. >>> we are now learning about an attack plan. osama bin laden was working on when he was killed in pakistan. coming up the messages bin laden was exchanging with a senior al qaeda member about an attack. >>> your time is 6:37. california is now the first state in america to require public schools to add the studies of contributions made by gay citizens. governor jerry brown signed this landmark legislation yesterday. beginning in 2015 social study classes will have to include curriculum about the contributions of the lesbian, ga
Jul 21, 2011 6:00am PDT
more fallout from the phone hacking scandal in britain. here he is arriving at his new york home. warned it may cut news corp.'s credit rating. the f.b.i. is also looking to whether news of the world employees bribed police officers to obtain information about 9/11 victims. and two lawsuits filed by news corp. shareholders accuse him of mismanaging the company. >>> the federal election commission will meet today to consider if john edwards' 2008 presidential campaign should repay $2.3 million. auditors say the campaign misstated just how much it should receive in federal matching funds. edwards has pleaded not guilty to charges he accepted illegal donations to hide an affair. >>> a major chapter of u.s. space history ended at 2:57 this morning our time as the space shuttle atlantis rolled on to the runway at kennedy space center. jim spellman is live this morning in florida and joins us with a look at what nasa accomplished during the last 30 years and what is still ahead. jim, i have to is you right off the top can you lay out the mood there as soon as atlantis touched down this
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4